Semi Frameless Shower Door- An Intro

Frameless shower glass enclosures are a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of any remodelled bathroom. There are many things that need to be considered when designing your shower stall and when looking for a shower door company to hire.For more details visit

-Licensing, Bonding and are they insured

-Check the BBB for judgments or pending claims

-References that is old and new. (try to get them to let you see their work)

-Brand of hardware (Us. Horizon is the best!)

-Don’t always use your contractor’s reference (Reason being they sometimes get a cut and it is good to check out the company anyways.)

-Ask them how much plastic they plain on putting on the shower enclosure

-Ask them is this frameless or semi frameless (clips or “U” channels)

-Ask them are they fabricating the door to the wall or using a standard door in stock.

I’m sure there are more but these to me are the most important. For frameless shower glass enclosures are only as beautiful as the measurements the technician took and the attention to detail he/she gave. When the technician is at your home they should look at the surrounding and give suggestions. They also should listen and write down information that the home owner or contractor is giving them. I always carry templates of for shower enclosure.

The technician should also carry a sample ring with various finishes of the hardware that they provide. It is always good to remember that frameless shower doors are for life, only if good hardware is used. There are safety issues that come into play for bathroom remodels. The shower glass must be tempered and polished. The glass needs to be 3/8″ – 1/2″ if it is going to be a frameless shower doors.

Since there is no frame being used the glass is going to be the strength of the shower enclosure. The technician that is sent to your home needs to check the dam pitch of the stall to make sure that it is pitched to the inside of the shower. If the dam is pitched to the outside it must be fixed or the shower WILL leak. I run into situations when the home owner or contractor does not want to fix the dam and I will have them sign off on it.I do not guarantee frameless showers.